About Us

Vermont Carpentry Designs is a family-run woodworking shop located in Brattleboro, Vermont, serving clients in the VT/NH/MA tri-state area and beyond. Our business specializes in built-ins or freestanding storage units, cabinets, and shelving custom-designed for each client.

Mark Schiller, owner/carpenter, has been in the carpentry business for 23 years, learning his skills the old-fashioned way—on the job, working with experienced master carpenters and general contractors. Mr. Schiller started Vermont Carpentry Designs as an extension of his general contracting and home improvement business to allow him to focus on his most-requested service—custom woodworking and built-in furnishings.

Vermont Carpentry Designs combines Mark’s hands-on experience and love of woodworking with his knowledge and understanding of the carpentry trade and design, allowing him to provide customers with “top-shelf” service.

Vermont Carpentry Designs is fully insured and incorporated in the State of Vermont.

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